5 Wonderfully Wacky TikTok Effects


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Irresistible recipes and slick dance moves aside, TikTok wouldn’t be TikTok without its hilarious Effects. These super-fun filters can transform you into anything from a stylish unicorn to a 19th-century aristocrat.

To apply these Effects to your own TikToks, tap the plus button to start a new video, then select Effects to browse all the options organized into tabs. To see a filter in action (and its name), tap its icon. Note the effects shown here may not be available to all TikTok users.

1. Clone Squad
The look: Instant house party
Great for: When your backup dancers are busy
Try this: Reenact the “Rhythm Nation” video with your fellow dancers in perfect sync.
Find it on: The Effects tab

2. Animate Me
The look: Uncanny-valley chic
Great for: Auditioning for an animated movie
Try this: Speak in a wacky cartoon voice (obviously).
Find it on: The Appearances tab

3. Unicorn Head
The look: Exactly what the name suggests (with sunglasses and a double-pierced ear)
Great for: All the things you’ve ever dreamed of doing as a unicorn
Try this: The possibilities are endless.
Find it on: The Funny tab

4. Magnified Eyes
The look: Disturbingly weird? Silly fun? We go back and forth.
Great for: Emphatically conveying your surprise
Try this: This effect works with two people, so bring a friend to go bug-eyed together.
Find it on: The Editing tab

5. Versailles Run
The look: The glamour of 1850s France meets the energy of a 100-meter dash.
Great for: Capturing your harried but exalted lifestyle
Try this: Post your preparations for the big ball—or any night out.
Find it on: The Appearances tab