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Commons: Sustainable Spending

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Spending money is part of everyday life—why not transform your dollars into positive environmental change? Joro tracks your carbon footprint by analyzing your spending and provides actionable steps to help you live more sustainably.

What we love: Joro doesn’t look at the items you’re buying—it looks at how you’re spending. The app tracks the emissions associated with every purchase (groceries, clothing, flights, gas) and condenses these numbers into easy-to-read reports and graphs so you can identify what parts of your life leave the biggest footprint. Want to do better? Joro helps you go net zero by connecting you with verified carbon offset programs and offering useful advice on ways to live greener.

See which categories of your spending are the biggest carbon drivers (left), and join Joro’s community challenges to reduce your footprint.

Quick tip: Participate in sustainability challenges to shape green habits. Join the Joro community to go vegan for a week or “power down” by unplugging idle devices and turning off household lights.

Meet the creator: While working in international development in Ethiopia and India, Sanchali Pal witnessed the devastation of climate change on vulnerable communities. Upon returning to the United States, she founded Joro to help people manage their climate impact as intentionally as they manage their money—and connect with others who are doing the same.