Develop healthier screen habits, increase productivity, and find balance.

Opal: Screen Time for Focus

Focus, block apps & Save Time


Focus better with Opal, an app that seamlessly integrates with the Screen Time feature on your iPhone to assess your habits, keep you on schedule, and help you make the most of work hours, family dinners, or even bedtime.

What we love: Opal makes it easy to stick to your goals. Create a Focus Session by selecting the apps that distract you the most and Opal will block them. For popular services, Opal will block both the app and the website so you can’t get sneaky by going to your browser. Your session will be named and saved as a template to access in the future.

Opal tracks your phone usage and delivers a Focus Score in real time. See your numbers dip? It might be time to schedule a Focus Session.

Quick tip: For moments when you really need to concentrate, select Deep Focus when you start your Focus Session—this will prevent you from canceling or bypassing the timer.

Meet the creator: After experiencing an intense screen-time increase during the pandemic, Kenneth Schlenker founded Opal to help others achieve balance within their routines. The company has an ambitious goal to help 1 billion people focus every day.