A captivating card game with a mysterious twist.

Pine Tar Poker

Sinister Poker


Mosey on in, pardner, and try your hand at Pine Tar Poker! In this supernatural spin on the classic card game, build the best hand possible with the cards you’re dealt—maybe two pair, or even a royal flush—and cross it off your scoresheet. But you’ve got something up your sleeve: game-changing mystical relics! It’s not cheating if it’s magic, right?

What we love: Using mysterious artifacts, like an X-ray lens that reveals the top card on the draw pile. Enchanted runestones let you transform cards to improve your odds—split one card into two, or copy a suit from one card to another. Collect all six stones and wield them in an otherworldly final showdown!

Need an ace-high hand but you’re stuck with a king? Use the rune with the X symbol, which raises a card’s value by one.

Quick tip: Tarot cards sold by the barkeep unlock sweet rewards...if you can solve their puzzles while playing. The Lovers card, for instance, says it wants to see your heart full; try getting a five-card flush with hearts to earn its prize.

Meet the creator: Seattle-based indie developer BJ Malicoat designed the letter tile puzzler Downwordly with frequent collaborator Galen Drew. During Pine Tar Poker’s beta test period, Malicoat’s father won so much in-game cash that Malicoat added a special (and expensive!) coin trophy to the game.