A digital hub for everything under your roof.

Homer: The Home Management App

Be a better homeowner


No more lost appliance manuals, faded receipts, or wondering if the refrigerator’s warranty has expired yet. Homer keeps important files and details about your home safe and organized.

What we love: For each room in your house or apartment, you can upload photos, documents, and web pages to reference later. Homer makes the process less tedious than it might sound. After you record an appliance’s model number, for example, the app automatically downloads available manuals, product pages, and a link to the support site. Pretty handy!

Homer is a central hub for everything under your roof.

Quick tip: Track major events on the Timeline tab. Kick it off with your move-in date, then log big renovations or one-off events, like when you last cleaned your dryer duct. (Maybe it’s been a while?)

Meet the creator: Cofounders Wilhelm Lundborg and Henrik von Stockenström created Homer to provide functional and organizational home solutions and help people maximize all of the benefits of being a homeowner. “From the outset, we wanted more than to replace the physical home binder with a digital alternative,” Lundborg says. “That’s why we added features to give the user a helping hand, like automatically adding the owner’s manual for your specific appliances and machines.”