Tumble into tantalizing letter puzzles.

Well Word

Your New Daily Word Game


Is your vocabulary encyclopedic? Behemothic? Preternatural? Then you’re bound to rule Well Word’s leaderboard. A new grid of 25 letters pops up every day—your goal is to make words with it (and the longer, the better!). Each letter can be used three times before it vanishes; earn bonus points for clearing whole rows and columns, using up all the letters, and other feats. It’s simply unputdownable!

What we love: Finding huge words. Watching your points skyrocket after spelling “meritorious” or “disembarkation” feels amazing—especially when you check the global stats afterward and find out it was the highest-scoring word of the day.

Creating words with adjacent letter tiles gives you a 2x score multiplier. But it won’t always be this easy!

Quick tip: Hang on to the letter S for as long as possible. It’s a lifesaver when you’re starting to run out of other letters and need to cobble together a few plurals.

Meet the creator: Well Word isn’t BJ Malicoat’s first rodeo with puzzlers—he’s also the cocreator of Downwordly, and he made the less-wordy-but-still-fantastic Pine Tar Poker. Most of the color themes in Well Word are named after cats, and the default (River Milk) is a shout-out to his favorite feline of all.