Everything’s a weapon in these outrageous duels.

Boom! - Online PVP Battles


Boom!’s cartoonish turn-based battles aren’t just hysterically over the top; they’re also full of split-second decisions. Should you attack your opponent with a basketball or an exploding duck? Place a defensive barrier above you, or jump to a safer platform below? Whatever helps you win the match.

What we love: The constantly changing strategy. With tons of weapons and maps to experience, every match affords new tactics. In one go, we might toss a teleport grenade to reach higher ground, then drop mines on our opponent; in another, we’ll launch a wall-crawling mouse to blow up a rival ducking behind a cliff wall. There’s a reason the game’s called Boom!

For extra gravitas, finish off a weakened foe with a fart-bean blast.

Quick tip: On battlegrounds with water, drowning an opponent is often the easiest way to win. To send them into the drink, destroy the ground beneath them with extra-powerful explosives (bomb, flowerpot) or platform-targeting weapons (drill, hammer, cactus).

Meet the creator: Founded in 2013, France-based indie studio 1Button crafts lighthearted retro-style games like Mr. Jump and Flick Dunk.