Just Jigsaws!

Find piece with these perplexing puzzlers.

Match-3 games, logic conundrums, and wordy riddles are always a fun time, but sometimes you just want to puzzle it out with a good ol’ jigsaw. Transform jumbled-up fragments into vibrant sights with our four favorite jigsaw games on the App Store.

Make pieces...disappear

‣ Absorb bite-size history lessons in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles. Build pictures of landscapes, works of art, or historic artifacts, then take on a magic-card mini-game to unlock new puzzle stacks. Looking for more loot? Increase your rewards by switching a 42-piece puzzle for a 550-piece monstrosity. You can even create, share, and download custom-made puzzles. The fun never ends!

    Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

    HD Puzzle game for adults


Competitive conundrums

‣ Consider yourself a master puzzler? Put your skills to the test in Jigsaw Puzzles Clash. Plenty of beautiful puzzles are available for solo play, but the real excitement is in multiplayer, where you and an opponent race to complete the same board. Literally. Be sure to work fast! You and the other player can grab pieces right out of each other’s grasp.

    Jigsaw Puzzles Clash

    Multiplayer jigsaw puzzle game


Global guesswork

Bonza Jigsaw is all about location, location, location. It takes you on a world-puzzling tour. Slotting blocks unlocks more pieces of each memorable picture, until the entire image is complete. There are also daily geography quizzes to keep your mind sharp, a vast collection of region-specific boards to unlock, and puzzle packs to unlock as you level up.

    Bonza Jigsaw

    A new type of jigsaw puzzle


Keep it classic

‣ If you miss the delight of dumping tons of jigsaw pieces out of a box and starting from scratch, the venerable German puzzle maker Ravensburger has the next-best thing. From 20-piece cakewalks to 500-piece stumpers, Ravensburger Puzzle gives you piles of puzzle pieces, which you’re free to shift, sort, and rearrange. Need a little help? Toggle picture guides, pinch-and-zoom magnification, and a function that quickly finds border and corner pieces.

    Ravensburger Puzzle

    The jigsaw collection