Horizon Chase - World Tour


Few games evoke that classic, retro racing feel like Horizon Chase. From the guitar riffs on its upbeat soundtrack to its ultra-vibrant color palette, the game oozes the ’80s. And now there’s even more of it to love.

If you’ve ever walked an arcade and found yourself dropping tokens into the likes of Pole Position or the OutRun series, you’ll feel right at home as you sink into the driver’s seat. Simply enter a race, hit the gas, and don’t let up.

Horizon Chase is retro racing at its best.

Quick reaction time trumps technical prowess here. Before you know it, you’ll be weaving through traffic and careening around each course’s twists and turns. It’s one heck of an adrenaline rush.

The Janis is perfect for joyriding Hawaii’s coastline.

Horizon Chase has always been about touring the world from behind the wheel of incredible supercars, and the latest update broadens its, er, horizons. Next stop: the islands of Hawaii, complete with coastal raceways and volcanic hazards.

Welcome to a different side of Hawaii.

And since a new destination is nothing without the right ride, two more cars are heading to your garage. The Elite 275 roadster will help you smash your current top speeds, while the Janis van allows for a more laid-back vibe as you cruise along the beaches of Honolulu.

See you on the road!

    Horizon Chase - World Tour