Plan the Perfect Day at the Beach

A handy app toolkit for sun, sand, and deep-sea fishing.

These apps can’t apply the sunblock for you or keep sand off your towel, but they can help you have more fun in the sun.

Ride the wave

If you want to hang 10, check out Surfline, which tracks wind speed, wave height, and tide levels. (The basic edition of the app is free, and there’s an ad-free premium version.) Video feeds let you see the surf, and pros rank the conditions and fill you in on everything from the direction of the swell to whether it’s worth your time to get out there.



You’ve gotta wake up early if you want to catch a bluegill.

Go fish

If saltwater fishing is your passion, check out Fishbrain, which allows you to track what other seafarers are reeling in and where—and how they’re doing it.

In addition to helping you figure out which spots are popping or deserted, the app lets you upload and check out photos of catches and connect with locals for tips. Fishing locations even have leaderboards where you can boast your haul.

    Fishbrain - Fishing App

    Social fishing for anglers

The app’s tracking functionality lets you keep tabs all summer long.

Work out in the water

Ready to take your dip to the next level? MySwimPro provides expert-guided swim-training regimens. The Open Water plan takes you through 12 weeks of ocean-friendly workouts, syncing with your Apple Watch to measure everything from times and distance to routes and strokes. (You can also connect the app to fitness trackers like Garmin.) Study videos introduce drills and challenges for swimmers of all abilities.

    MySwimPro: Swim Workouts

    #1 Swim Training App


Catch some rays

Or maybe all you want is to bask in the sun. After you enter a few details, like your location, skin tone, height, and weight, QSun will let you know when to apply sunblock and how long you can be out before you start to burn.

    QSun - Vitamin D & UV Tracker

    Get enough sun & healthy skin

Make those goggles pop!

Snap a beach pic

To chronicle your time at the seaside, try the classic photo app VSCO. There are literally hundreds of color filters perfect for surf and sand. (Try G1 for gorgeous orangey reds.) If you come up with a combination of settings that makes you look influencer-worthy, save it in the Recipes tab and share using the social function on the car ride back to the beach house.

    VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

    Where expression matters most