Raise a Baby on a Budget

There’s a reason you see so many parents out there feverishly clipping coupons and picking through clearance bins—kids are expensive!

If you have a baby on the way (or if yours has already arrived), check out these simple ways to save a bundle on what you need for your little bundle.

Get a discount on everything

Before you buy (either online or in-store), head to Ebates to see if your favorite shop is offering additional cash back. That 2 percent or more you save can add up to a hefty sum every quarter.

If you’re an avid Target shopper, the app now integrates with coupon service Cartwheel. Check the app before you go and save a ton of dough on everyday staples like laundry detergent (which, as a parent, you’re going to want in mass quantities).

    Rakuten Ebates: Get Cash Back!

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    Now with Target Circle rewards


Buy in bulk and place recurring orders

Not everyone has the time or patience to head to the big warehouse stores, especially with an infant in tow.

The Boxed app helpfully gets you great deals on bulk orders of necessities like diapers and baby food. And the more you purchase of a single item (say, baby wipes) from Jet, the lower your price will be.

With The Honest Company, save up to 40 percent when you bundle recurring orders of diapers, formula, and home essentials. Might as well get all that stuff at once—you know you’re gonna need it.

    Boxed: Bulk Quality Essentials

    Big Sizes. No Membership Fees.


    The Honest Company

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    Jet: Shopping Made Easier

    Get your favorites delivered


Find gently used cribs, toys, and more

It’s easy to want everything for your brand-new baby to be brand-new. But as you can tell from neighborhood marketplaces like Letgo, OfferUp, and Nextdoor, kids outgrow their furniture, strollers, and toy sets in the blink of one adorable little eyelash.

So help out fellow parents (and the environment) by buying some things preowned.

    letgo: Sell & Buy Used Stuff

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    OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Simple.

    The largest mobile marketplace


    Nextdoor - Neighborhood App

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Stock up on secondhand and discount clothes

Babies grow out of their clothes so quickly—sometimes before you get a chance to dress them up in that adorable strawberry outfit with matching hat.

Head to ThredUp and Kidizen to browse thousands of used kids’ clothes, many with the tags still attached.

Or hit up PatPat, which offers new clothes for babies, kids, and moms at up to a 90 percent discount. That’s practically free.

    thredUP | Buy & Sell Clothing

    Save the Earth & Up to 90% Off



    Buy and Sell Kids Clothes


    PatPat - Kids & Baby Clothing

    Online shopping deals for moms


Grow your community

Raising a child is so much easier when you’re not doing it alone.

Use Winnie and Peanut to find common ground (and fun outing ideas) with other parents in your area. Winnie will even direct you to places nearby with changing tables and high chairs, and where kids eat free.

Family Organizer by Picniic assists in keeping your family calendar—that’s right!—organized. It can also help save money: Loop in moms, dads, and other caregivers on childcare schedules and to remember who’s on pickup duty (avoiding possible late fees).

Share grocery lists too—so you and your partner don’t both end up buying a gallon of milk. And add important health information to your group so everyone is aware of allergies, vaccination information, and more.


    Companion app for parents


    Peanut - Meet Mom Friends

    Chat. Share Advice. Locally.


    Family Organizer by Picniic

    Shared Family Calendar & Lists