Show Off Your Vacation Photos!

Get those summer pictures off your iPhone and into your home.

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What’s the second-best thing about going on vacation? The pictures! Nothing quite captures the feeling of actually being on vacation, but paging through your photos is a reasonably great follow-up (especially if you’re doing it in the winter).

We’re all used to swiping through our Camera Rolls, and tools like AirPlay let us broadcast our vacation slideshows to any screen in the house. But what if you want to bring your photos into the real world?

Print Studio can help. The app is a great way to create sharp, IRL objects from those photos on your device. Here’s a snapshot of what you can make with Print Studio:

Your finest photos deserve the commemorative calendar treatment.


‣ Want to relive your vacation all year long? Print Studio offers spiral-bound, matte-finish options that are great for showing off your best pics. 

If you’re into tear-away calendars—which were once a very big deal, especially if you were into trivia, inspirational quotes, or certain comic strips—Print Studio brings the idea back by letting you create a full-color tear-away calendar with 365 of yours. (If you’re thinking, “Erm, I don’t have 365 photos from my vacation,” opt to fill it out with other images. But let’s be honest, you probably do have 365 photos from your vacation.) 

Print Studio’s modern frames turn your pics into instantly display-able works of art.

Modern frames

‣ Design trends come and go, but you can’t get much more timeless and classy than the modern black frame with white matting. Print Studio offers five sizes that range from 4 by 4 inches to poster-sized 16 by 20 inches. For the record, beach pictures look amazing in each.

Print Studio’s postcards are 100% fridge-ready.


‣ Who doesn’t love getting actual mail? (The fun kind, that is.) You could grab a stack of postcards from a gift shop, sure, but why not add an extra-personalized touch by sending your own photos in postcard form? Each set contains a dozen—plenty for a perfect overview of your adventures.


‣ Is there anything as traditional and as tested as the souvenir magnet? We think not. Print Studio offers slick, sturdy square magnets in two sizes: 3 by 3 inches and 2 by 2 inches. If space is at a premium, get the smaller circular magnets in batches of 15—enough to hand out as gifts or to cover a solid percentage of your locker.

    Print Studio

    Print Your Heart Out