Take Control of Your Inbox

Tap for 3 especially speedy email apps.

Do you dream of hitting inbox zero—that blissful state when there are no emails in your inbox that you haven’t addressed? These efficiency-boosting email apps can help with that, letting you tame the constant inflow of unread messages.

Get your priorities straight

Astro Email & Calendar, an A.I. email assistant compatible with Gmail or Office 365 accounts, intelligently prioritizes your inbox, putting the most important mail at the top and keeping the messages you most likely don’t care about out of view. But that’s just the beginning. Use natural-language commands to have Astro batch-archive certain messages or create a reminder. Astro can also schedule emails to go out a certain time and unsubscribe from mailing lists with a tap.

Reply in record time

Dispatch pairs with a range of email accounts to speed up the process of writing reponses. The app can automatically add salutations to your emails, inserting the recipient’s first name by default (“Hi, John”). It also puts a searchable library of commonly used text snippets (“Let me know if you need anything else.” “Sure, I'll be there.”) right in your compose window. One-tap access to over 30 apps lets you quickly send a message in your inbox to Things, Fantastical, and other favorites of productivity mavens.

    Dispatch: Email meets GTD



Stay sorted

Spark by Readdle works with your various email accounts to sort messages into groups—personal emails, notifications, and newsletters—and put the most important at the top. The app’s batch delete and batch snooze features make it easier to plow through emails en masse. To crank your efficiency up to 11, use the customizable quick replies.

    Spark - Email App by Readdle

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