This Week’s Biggest Game Updates

Our favorite games just keep getting better—introducing new heroes, extra modes, and awesome limited-time events. Here are some of this week’s coolest additions.

Battle for bones

New Season Challenges have come to Clash of Clans, putting big rewards on the line: Earn 1 million gold, a 30 percent research boost, and—if you reach 2,600 points—a terrifying Skeleton King skin!

    Clash of Clans

    Build your empire


Unleash the beasts

Ready for a challenge, Pokémon Masters? Tough new boss Korrina is eager to take you down in the training area. And be sure to explore Pasio with new trainer Hilda in the limited-time story event “The Girl in Black and White.”

    Pokémon Masters

    Strategy & Battling Game


Grab a bat

It’s playoffs time! Through October 7, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 hosts multiple postseason events that reward players with awesome special cards and free gifts. And while your favorite team fights for the real-world pennant, they’ll get a live boost inside the game.

    MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019

    Build Your MLB Dynasty


Keep curing

The puzzling fun is never done in Dr. Mario World. Nintendo has injected 20 new levels (281–300) and added Mario mainstays Rosalina and Luma as extra characters. Wa-hoo!

    Dr. Mario World

    Match 3 puzzle versus viruses!


Crack that canvas

In Candy Crush Friends Saga’s sweet new limited-time event, adorable pal Rachel the Raccoon is trapped in a magical painting. Play through 10 special levels and a Star Chaser finale to free her—and unlock her as a permanent character.

    Candy Crush Friends Saga

    Match 3 game with your friends


Race the clouds

Soar for ages with Man Vs. Missiles’ huge update, which introduces 10 levels, five planes, and a blazing-fast purple missile that’ll have you dodging for dear life. New support for Dark Mode turns those bright skies into tense shades of blue and crimson.

    Man Vs. Missiles

    Dodge the Missiles in Dark!