Widgets for Savvy Travelers

Traveling can be stressful. There’s the mad rush to the airport, the confusion of exchange rate conversion, and that pervading feeling of always being lost.

Make it easier on yourself. The widgets for these apps give you quick access to key travel information—just swipe right from your Home or Lock screen. They can make getting to your getaway and navigating around your destination a little more relaxing.

When’s my flight?

App in the Air keeps all of your flight details, including your boarding pass and landing times, all in one place. Its widget counts down the time until check in, takeoff, or landing, depending on where you are in your itinerary.

    App in the Air

    Fly smarter


What’s the local time?

Klok’s Today widget has a world clock that displays the local time in up to five cities. Add your hometown so you can figure out the most appropriate hour to call friends and family.

    Klok - Time Zone Converter



How much does this cost?

Determine the price of that breakfast pastry on the fly with this easy-to-use exchange rate calculator. Select the local currency, enter the amount you want to check, and the widget will figure out the conversion.

    Currency converter - Money app

    Offline Exchange Rate


Where should I explore?

With offline maps for more than 150 countries, CityMaps2Go offers comprehensive guides—with photos, descriptions, and tips—for thousands of locations. Before leaving your hotel, mark a few promising spots. The app’s widget will provide turn-by-turn directions, as well as the remaining distance to a destination.

    CityMaps2Go Offline Map

    with Trip & Travel Planner