Alphabear: Words Across Time


Alphabear 2 really knows how to make you the ultimate word hero. Use your vocabulary powers for good to rescue the entire universe.

Beans! Earn! Fan! Ref! The more you play, the faster you’ll get at identifying words.

It’s all part of the game’s story mode, which sends your furry champion on a grand adventure through time and space, including a jaunt in the plank-walking pirate days.

Fans of the first Alphabear will be pleased: Alphabear 2 is the same great word-based puzzler, but with added polish. Use randomized letters to spell out words on a game board, which causes your bear to grow. Unused letters eventually turn to stones, blocking your character’s path.

Brave Knight Bear, cautious Sunflower Bear—they’re all equally adorable.

To add to the challenge, some maps have short time limits—which makes for a more thrilling experience (even if it does thwart your ability to look up words online).

As you beat levels, unlock new bears that offer special bonuses, like extra time. Since some matches are decided in the last second, these can really come in handy.

Story mode whisks you from prehistoric times to the age of seafaring scoundrels.

Another big boon: Alphabear 2’s in-game dictionary, where you can look up definitions of words you’ve recently used—especially those weird two-letter ones that help you clinch a match. It’s a simple but effective way to increase your vocabulary or get a better grasp on words you already know. Assuming, that is, you can get the whole space-time continuum mess sorted out.

    Alphabear: Words Across Time