You’re a Shooting Star

Let it fly in these laid-back basketball games.

To become an elite basketball star requires patience, practice, and persistence. Not so with these easy-to-play b-ball games. Check out our final four:

The cleaner the shot, the higher the score. Swish for the win!

You make it, you take it

Bouncy Hoops boils the sport down to one essential skill: shooting. That’s the name of the game here. Tap to send the ball airborne. Tap again to nudge it toward the basket.

But there’s a bit more to it. A countdown timer ramps up the tension—and to make things even more interesting, the rim relocates after every shot you make. Banks, last-second heaves, and sky-high moon shots score bonus points. Hit a few in a row and watch your ball literally catch fire!

    Bouncy Hoops

    Ball is life

Who said chickens can’t fly?

Lions and tigers and bears

Didn’t make the cut? There’s still a spot for you on the court, as long as you’re OK donning a bison costume. In Mascot Dunk, your job is to entertain halftime crowds by springing across trampolines and throwing down acrobatic slams, all while wearing what is undoubtedly a hot, itchy suit covered in fake fur.

Thankfully, your getup doesn’t affect your dunking duties. Time your taps to nail each trampoline jump, then wait for the right moment to unleash your thunderous jam. That’s its own reward, but you’ll also unlock awesome new dunks and customizable mascot suits. Go team!

    Mascot Dunks

    Dribble, jump and score!

Time it right to fire the ball toward the hoop.

Blasting baskets

Sinking shots consistently requires great form; in Shooting Hoops, it demands precise timing too. That’s because there’s a toy gun strapped to the ball. To shoot it, you, well, shoot. It’s the gun blast that propels the ball toward the net.

Intuitive controls make this tricky task relatively manageable. If you need a little help, try Target mode, which trades the timed tapping for a handy crosshairs that you simply drag across the screen. Touch the ball to keep it airborne!

    Shooting Hoops

    Blast balls into baskets!

Race to the ball and start swinging!

Jump around

What if you could only score by dunking? Find out in Dunkers 2, where your sweet touch from beyond the arc is meaningless. Throw it down, champ!

Thanks to your cartoonish player’s comically long arms, position is everything. Each game is a back-and-forth battle as you work with hilariously floaty physics to steal, soar, and score. Time it right and you may even break the backboard.

Cooler still, grab a pal to go one-on-one using the same device. Just mind the trash talk. Even if you’re ahead, it’s only a matter of time before you get dunked on.

    Dunkers 2

    Physics Basketball Mayhem