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Unlock your potential with Feel Great! Embrace Unimate, Balance, and the power of fasting for a transformative wellness journey.

Discover the wellness approach that works for real people with real jobs and real schedules. Feel Great is an approach to adopting a healthier lifestyle without restrictive dieting. It combines two products with an intermittent fasting practice.

Designed by Unicity, Feel Great helps people across the world embrace a healthier lifestyle through intermittent fasting and insulin awareness.

Whether you’re alerady following the Feel Great approach or are interested in seeing what it’s like, the Feel Great app is free and available to anyone interested in trying a healthier lifestyle.

Why use Feel Great?
People who follow Feel Great approach with the app report higher success rates for the following reasons:

Tracking works -- when you track your habits, you are more aware of your actions and MUCH more likely to succeed. Multiple studies on habit creation highlight the importance of tracking and awareness.

Instant feedback and direction -- get instant feedback on how you’re doing everyday with the program and know what you need to do to improve.

Bitesize nutrition lessons. Feel Great presents you with occasional lessons about metabolic health, nutrition, and healthy living -- complete each lesson in under 2 minutes. Understanding the basics of metabolic health empowers you to make better decisions.

Designed for motivation -- we all know that it can be difficult to stay motivated to make healthy decisions, especially late at night when Oreos are calling your name. Feel Great’s logging approach is designed to help you stay motivated. Get on a logging streak and stay on a logging streak!

Reminders -- get push notifications to remember to continue the program, take Balance, and log each day.

Progress starts with tracking.

With Feel Great, it’s not about instantaneous results -- it’s about embarking on a journey of learning and growth. Be patient with yourself and just keep logging your fasts and meal, regardless of whether you followed the program “perfectly” or not at all. In time, daily logging and the awareness it brings of your daily decisions will help you build strong habits.

Region support
The content in the Feel Great app is adapted to a US-audience.

Privacy Policy: https://www.unicity.com/usa/privacy-policy
Terms of Use: https://www.unicity.com/usa/terms-of-use


Versión 1.4.2

In this update, we've simplified our app by removing the Lessons feature.

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