Fitness, without the gym

Let’s face it, trekking to the gym week in, week out can start to become really monotonous after a while. So here at the App Store, we’ve found some fresh alternatives that will help you find your stride again when it comes to exercising. And the best part? You’ll need only your own body weight: no gym membership required!

Improve your athletic dynamism

Things are about to get tough thanks to best-selling author and fitness instructor Mark Lauren and his app Bodyweight: Your Own Gym. Having worked extensively as a personal trainer and prepared elite soldiers for combat, he follows the same training concept used by Special Forces (we weren’t joking when we said tough!).

His focus is on functional circuit training which improves your speed, mobility and general athleticism, all without equipment. It’s a saviour for frequent travellers as all workouts can be done in compact spaces: your hotel room floor, say. Lauren recommends four 30-minute workouts a week to achieve optimal results, which even the busiest of us should be able to manage. There’s really no excuses!

    Bodyweight Training: Your Gym

    Mark Lauren Home Workout


Target specific muscle groups

If you want to give specific body parts a superior boot camp experience, then Full Control Bodyweight empowers you to do so, no matter how fit you are. Start with a comprehensive assessment to ascertain your fitness level and see what the app recommends in terms of a personal training plan which will focus on targeted areas like your abs, legs or back.

As the name implies, whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, all while boosting your strength and endurance, you’ll have full control here.

    FULL CONTROL Training

    Workouts and Training Plans


Reduce body fat, fast

Considered a pioneer in the bodyweight training app genre, Freeletics constantly elevates your challenge by asking you to do your workout repetitions faster and faster. This combination of lightning-quick strength exercise within a set period of time means that your body will be burning fat well beyond the length of your workout.

    Freeletics – Personal Trainer

    Bodyweight Fitness Workouts


Overcome the wall

This is fitness with a difference. Gamification is key in Sweat Deck as you shuffle a pack of cards and as one is drawn, you must perform whatever exercise is on that card. Every suit is assigned a certain activity and the value of the card equals the number of repetitions required. So, if you draw a Diamond 10 then you have to do 10 push-ups or squats for example.

Additionally, Jokers can be used for special exercises like one minute of jogging, and that’s where the sweat really comes in. The suspense of not knowing which card is coming next keeps things interesting and because you’ll never do the same workout twice, you’ll avoid that hideous fitness plateau.

    Sweat Deck

    Deck of Cards Workout