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Horoscopes, social networks, TV game shows and inboxes; even though the company has been around for a while, there are lots of new things coming our way from Mail.Ru Group. We decided to check in with some of its best-known services, and discover how they’re incorporating the latest technology to enhance user experience.

Care to predict the future?

Finding your monthly horoscope used to involve flipping through the back pages of magazines, but now you can discover your future via the App Store. According to developer Mail.Ru, Horoscopes is launched 550,000 times a day. And it’s easy to see why; not only can you forecast the next couple of days, but also the weeks and year ahead. You can even check your compatibility with other zodiac signs to see what aspects of your relationships at home and beyond will be in harmony. Who wouldn’t be curious?

    Horoscopes – Daily Horoscope

    Zodiac signs and Astrology


Where are your old school friends?

They said it couldn’t be done. But since 2007, Odnoklassniki has been reuniting almost every single school friend in the country. And now the service has transformed into a social network, where tens of millions of users keep in touch every day in both the OK app and via a live-streaming app called OK Live. Users connect through audio and video calls, chat via live video streams and send 1.5 billion virtual gifts per month, according to the Mail.Ru Group. OK also hosts other types of content, including broadcasts of sporting events and music festivals, new movies, popular TV shows and shows streamed by stars and bloggers.

Are there still email inboxes on Mail.Ru?

Yes, inboxes are still used actively! According to Mediascope WEB-Index, the Mail.Ru – Email service remains the most popular such service in Russia. Already 20 years old, the number of email accounts in the system now exceeds 100 million. And Mail.Ru – Email is now used to not only send emails, but also for topping up mobile phones and transferring money.


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What’s happening with What? Where? When?

Back in 1975, the entire nation was eagerly awaiting every episode of this hit TV game show. Now, the What? Where? When? app will take you right back to your childhood; and, it’ll help boost your cognitive skills too. Win! Create your own tournaments and invite friends to do intellectual battle with you.

    What? Where? When?: Brain Quiz

    Intellectual logic game online


VK is 12. So, what’s new?

Over 12 years, the social network has seen an impressive evolution along with lots of new features for you to enjoy. Thanks to the news feed and its recommendations, you can get acquainted with the work of talented content creators. And, with the help of built-in services, you can call a taxi, order food or listen to a brand new podcast.


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