Early to bed, early to rise…

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep should be higher on our list of priorities. For those looking for a better quality snooze, and a more refreshing start to the new day, we have just the apps (and advice) you’re looking for.

Find your morning mojo

Being awake and alert before your peers can be the perfect way to get ahead in both your personal life and professionally – it’s no coincidence that many of the world’s most successful figures are morning people. So find that motivation to throw off the covers and get going.

    Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

    Workout and nutrition plans


    Calm - Meditation and Sleep

    Meditation and Sleep Stories


Put your woes to bed

When it comes to getting more sleep, an early bedtime is half the battle. And the iOS Bedtime alarm is a very simple way to help get snuggled up and ready for rest in a timely fashion. Just set when you’d like to wake up and how many hours you want to sleep. The alarm will then remind you when it’s time to turn in, and then wake you as desired in the morning.

But this alone might not be enough to retrain the truest of night owls. For extra reinforcement, Due can deliver repetitive sleep reminders; Sleeptown helps target late-night mobile use; and the soothing nature sounds of Tide aid in falling asleep. Remember, long-engrained sleep habits won’t change overnight. Keep at it or you’ll never break the cycle.

Tip: Try to avoid any activity that will stimulate your brain before bedtime. Instead, take a bath, read a book and stay away from screens.

    Due - Reminders & Timers

    Never Forget Anything Again



    Build a healthy sleep habit


    CoSleep: Sleep. Relax. Focus

    Sleep Like A Baby


Real eye-openers

With bedtime and sleep covered, the only thing left is to wake up on time. Let Sleep Cycle analyse the depth of your sleep phases, and then gently wake you at the best time. Or choose Tide and slowly wake up to a chorus of birds or the crashing of surf. If you need a more heavy-handed nudge, try Wakeout or Alarmy, because nothing gets your blood pumping like the physical movements required to turn off these apps.

Tip: For those prone to hit the snooze button, put your iPhone a distance from the bed. This way, you’re forced to get up to turn it off.

    Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker

    Sounds, Stories & Smart Alarm


    Tide: Sleep, focus, meditation

    White noise, relax & happier


    Wakeout! - Fun home exercises

    1000+ fun at home workouts


    Alarmy - Wake Up Alarm Clock

    Morning Missions, Sleep Sounds