Give new life to your old photos

Your old photos, once captured with a film camera,hold treasured memories. And they deserve to age gracefully with a little extra care and attention, not to deteriorate over time in a photo album.
Unlike the myriad snaps you’ve saved to your Camera Roll, these old photos aren’t automatically saved anywhere, nor do they retain their original colours. But with the help of some nifty apps, you can give them a new lease of life.
With Photomyne, you can convert all your old photos into digital memories. All you need to do is scan a photo and the app automatically identifies the picture boundaries (it also rotates any sideways shots) and then crops it. You can even scan multiple photos at once, saving you the trouble of processing each one individually.

For any photos that have faded over time, or for those classic black and white images, Colorize can add some revitalising hues. It’s easy too: import the photo, wait for the progress bar to finish and you’ll see a carefully colourised and refreshed photo.

Of course, photos stored in your iPhone will seem a bit different to those in a physical photo album and a colourised photo may not preserve the original shades exactly. But being able to reminisce about the past and see those treasured memories anytime, anywhere is really rather great.

    Photo Scan App by Photomyne

    Photo Scan - Family Albums


    Colorize - Color B&W Photos

    Auto Colorization Using AI