Our favourite Fortnite fashions

From bears to bananas, we pick five favourites.


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There’s nothing more satisfying than beating out 99 other players to win a match in Fortnite. Unless you do it dressed like a banana.

From cheeseburger hats to sleek ninja garb and just about everything in between, fashion is a big deal in Fortnite. The game’s inspired outfits pack more personality than you can swing a pickaxe at.

Which are the coolest? That’s subject to taste, but a handful certainly stand out. Here are five of our favourites from the game’s first eight seasons.

Black Knight

First available: December 14, 2017

You want street cred? This is one of Fortnite’s earliest, rarest and most sought-after outfits. Plus, the coveted costume makes a menacing impression. Forgoing the silly fun of the game’s more colourful getups, Black Knight is all business, from its jet-black boots to its glowing red eyes.

Cuddle Team Leader

First available: February 10, 2018

Cuddle Team Leader’s fame has reached far beyond Fortnite’s Battle Royale island, spawning everything from action figures to key chains. But the Legendary outfit’s popularity is well deserved, as it strikes the perfect balance between cute, weird and, of course, cuddly.


First available: April 23, 2018

Sporting a cheek-to-cheek smile and an epic old-timey moustache, TomatoHead is as freaky as it is friendly. Simultaneously exuding cartoon charm and fast-food mascot creepiness, it’s one of the most famous – and unnerving – outfits in the game.


First available: December 26, 2018
Fishstick looks a bit like a human crossed with a goldfish. It might as well be a chameleon, however, given its various iterations: it started off with a nautical theme before going full-on pirate cosplay.

The outfit’s third outing may be its best – and most bizarre – yet, featuring a science-fiction vibe complete with virtual-reality goggles.


First available: February 28, 2019

Well, it’s a walking banana man, what more could you want? But even more a-peeling is that it actually ripens during a match, morphing from a mean green to an appetising yellow to bruised and brownish. Yuck!


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