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App for "Neuroshop" smart refrigerators

The Neuroshop app allows you to make purchases in "Neuroshop" smart fridges.

You can quickly buy tasty food in smart fridges using the Neuroshop application.

How the Neuroshop app works:
1. Sign in into Neuroshop application.
2. Add a payment method (Visa, MasterCard).
3. Scan the QR code on the Neuroshop fridge to open it.
4. Take the desired products
5. Close the fridge
The device automatically calculates the cost of the goods that you have taken and charges your credit card.

Functions of Neuroshop smart fridges:
• Understands what goods you take
• Charges your credit card when you close the door
• Works 24/7
• Notifies about purchases and overdue food

The application has support for users in case something goes wrong.

"Neuroshop" for business

Advantages of the Neuroshop smart fridge solution:
• Point of sale of any types of goods without staff in the store, mall or office
• Device payback - an average of 6 months
• Payment acceptance via a credit card
• Personal account with sales statistics and analytics for each point or the entire network
• Rapidly developing market, with an annual growth rate of 23%
• No queues, ability to quickly serve many customers
• Security system with video surveillance, motion sensors and sirens
• Integration with the Neuroshop app

Do you want to purchase or place a Neuroshop smart refrigerator at your location?

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Що нового

Версія 2.0.3

What's new
• Fixed several bugs

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