Edit your shots to perfection

Any fix is possible with these photo correctors.

From lens distortion to skewed proportions and annoying photobombers, there are lots of things that can ruin that perfect photo. Fear not, for the following apps can fix these imperfections.

The right perspective

What you see is not always what you snap. That distortion is a result of the camera's lens.

SKRWT can fix crooked lines and asymmetry in a flash. Crop if you need, then simply slide the photo into perspective to achieve adjustments as minute as 0.05 degrees.


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Bye bye passerby

The moment, the lighting, the composition - everything's perfect. But just as your finger hits the shutter… in they walk. The moment is gone. Murphy’s Law wins.

TouchRetouch can do away with those intruders to help realise your intended shot. Just locate, mark and erase - one touch makes any unwanted object disappear. Take that, photobombers!


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Broaden your vision

Often something ends up in our photos that we didn’t intend. Other times, the subject gets partially cut out or is missing altogether.

Snapseed is a comprehensive photo editor that enables you to expand your frame after the fact. Seamlessly stretch your photo’s dimensions by filling it with existing content from your image. So go ahead, extend that skyline, push those boundaries and broaden your horizons.