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The 10BII-PRO application is a seamless implementation of the real world 10BII series of financial calculators, but specially designed to bring up the most of your iOS devices and , at the same time, conserving the easy of use and features originally provided in the real calculators.

The 10BII-PRO calculator includes:
* 3 real world calculators simulations for the price of 1. The first 10BII from 2001, the second 10BII from 2005 (default calculator) and the New 10BII+ from 2010.
* Full Retina display support
* Universal for all iPhones, iPod touch or iPads running iOS 11.0 & above.
* Extensive set of preferences to customize it.
* Dynamic Menubar with many features:
- Black & Scholes Options value model.
- Bonds Price & Yield - for annual or semiannual bonds with 360 days or actual calendar.
- Depreciation Calculations - with SL, SOYD and DB models.
- CFLO Calculations - Including PV(-) and FV(+) to use in MIRR calculation.
- Currency Exchange - all world currencies with online or manual rates.
- Statistics Forecasting - 6 models regressions with X and Y estimations.
- Date / Time calculations.
- Scientific functions - Trigonometric, hyperbolic and logarithms.
- Equation Solver - for solving any variable of a user entered equation.
- Units Conversion - to convert physical units within 10 categories with 195 total units.
- Angles Conversion - for converting values between Radians, Gradians and Degrees.
- Tip Calculator - for quickly solving the Bill - Tip% - Total - Split problem.
* Special full screen views :
- General Settings - to customize the calculator to your preferences.
- Memory Registers - to review the content of the 20 general purpose registers or backup the entire memory.
- Cash Flow Editor - for quickly entering values and repetitions.
- Statistic Data Editor - for entering and editing X,Y data pairs.
- Amortization Table - to review, print or send by email a complete amortization schedule.
- Equation Editor - to enter or edit user equations.
- Physical Units database editor - to create, delete or edit categories and units.

Whether you are a professional or a student, the fast and powerful 10Bll-PRO application is ideal to easily solve business, financial, statistical, and math problems quickly and accurately.

System requirements: iOS 12.0 or above.


Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 3.0

- Complete 64-bit Swift re-build ready for the new devices and iOS versions.
- Improve stability and overall performance
- New menu system in the “OPT” key.
- New quick help. Touch the display, touch the “?” button and touch any key to get a brief description of it.
- New Memory BackUp & Restore through plain email.
- New Finance menu with TVM, Amortization, Depreciation, Bonds and Black-Scholes Options valuation.
- New Business menu with Percent Change, Percent Total, Margins, Break Even and Tip calculation.
- New Math menu with Numeric, trigonometric, hyperbolic and logarithmic functions
- New Cash Flows menu with data editor.
- New Statistic menu with regression models and data editor.
- New Probability Distributions menu with Exponential, Normal, Uniform, Weibull and t-Student.
- New Triangle solution for ASA, SAS, SSA & SSS.
- New Equation Solver with editor to enter arbitrary equations and solve for any variable given the others.
- New Convert menu gathers Angle conversion, Interest conversion, Currency Exchange and Physical units conversion.
- New Haptic feedback setting added.
- All reported bugs fixed.
- iOS 12 and above

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Ricardo Lira Matte
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21.7 MB
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Yêu cầu phiên bản iOS 12.0 trở lên. Tương thích với iPhone, iPad và iPod touch.

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