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The safety and security of foods are important for humans to live. The examination of bacteria in foods and drinking water can be easily available to everyone. The product supports human life in any place and region. Making it easy bacterial counting, by using a familiar mobile device for everyone around the world, trying to promote operational efficiency using the global cloud and AI, adding value to CompactDry™ to play a role in the improvement of the QOL, keeping these ideas in mind we have developed the application for everyone engaging on health and safety of food.
You can easily determine the bacterial (colony) count cultured in CompactDry™ using your smartphone. It is an application that can support centralized management of headquarters and production line by utilizing the cloud.

Targeted Products ( 6 Types )
CompactDry™ TC ( General Bacteria )
CompactDry™ EC ( E.coli / Coliforms )
CompactDry™ CF ( Coliforms )
CompactDry™ YM ( Yeast / Fungus )
CompactDry™ YMR ( Yeast / Fungus )
CompactDry™ ECO ( E.coli )

Primary Functions
Colony counter
- Cloud storage function for count data
Count report [ email ]

- The cloud image recognition technology used in this service employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology for image recognition system jointly developed by Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
- The colony count image processing technology combines the existing image processing and the new technology machine learning (deep learning). It is a uniquely developed AI from the combination of several technologies, including SVM, an identification algorithm, which learns the samples of multiple groups and distinguishes them, and CNN, a technology to make a multi-layered connection of the neural network of human brain and use it for learning and determination. It utilizes those technologies to learn and identify colony candidates.
- Restrictions for input images in Colony Counter No warranty of accuracy is given for the following images.
1. Image resolution of less than 800 pix x 1200 pix.
2. The background color is not white.
3. Colored medium.
4. A viscous sample is added.
5. Food residues are contained.
6. Highly concentrated colonies.
・The count result of "0" does not mean a negative result.
・Detection range is between 1–300 cfu/plate.
・There are two types of misreads that can occur when using the @BactLAB™.
- @BactLAB™ Application did not detect all of the colonies specific to the CompactDry™ plate.
- The counter detected all the colonies but it categorized them incorrectly.
- Please note that the specification or performance may be changed without notice.
- The cloud image recognition technology utilized in this service employs the artificial intelligence (AI) technology for image recognition system jointly developed by Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
- Please see here. https://www.nissui-pharm.co.jp/english/products/global/bactlab/

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