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Control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Home Assistant Companion lets you control all your devices and provides advanced location and notification engines to allow for complex automations.

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform that focuses on local control and privacy. Supported products include:

- Amazon Echo (Alexa)
- Apple TV
- Arduino
- Belkin WeMo
- Dark Sky
- ecobee
- Google Assistant
- Google Cast
- IKEA Trådfri (Tradfri)
- Kodi/XBMC
- MySensors
- Nest
- Owntracks
- Philips Hue
- Plex
- Pushbullet
- Sonos
- Wink
- Z-Wave

Home Assistant Companion requires a configured Home Assistant instance. The instance must use Home Assistant Cloud or be accessible from the Internet and secured with a valid, non self-signed, SSL certificate for location tracking. Basic notifications work without external access.

Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 2021.2.2

Learn more at https://companion.home-assistant.io/docs/core/sensors/

- Frontmost App: Name of the current frontmost app.
- Connection Type: Whether on Wi-Fi, Ethernet or None.
- Displays: Which and how many displays are attached and which is the primary.

Control these in Preferences > General.

- Choose to show the app in the Menu Bar, either with or without showing up in the Dock.
- Left-clicking hides and shows the app.
- Right-clicking shows a menu which includes quick access to Actions.
- Optionally launch the app automatically on login.

- Updates the Active sensor to turn ‘off’ when the application is quit either manually or due to system shutdown.
- Allows the current network hardware device to decide ‘internal’ status, in addition to which Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. For example, an ethernet dongle on your desk would report a unique value. See the Connection Type sensor for what the app believes the current address is.
- Updated the look of the default icon at small sizes.
- Update Material Design Icons to 5.9.55.
- Adds an event log entry when webhook calls fail due to non-network reasons.
- Improves the error messages for webhook errors, especially around Shortcuts.
- Removes redundant information from Battery Level and Battery State sensors.
- Moves Cloud settings into External URL editing and fixes a couple cases where it would not be switched to immediately.
- Security alerts now look less terrifyingly red and can be controlled by a setting in Privacy whether they are displayed.
- Fixes some cases where zones, notification categories, and actions would not automatically sync sometimes on Big Sur.
- Fixes a crash when deleting an action in a newly-created notification category.
- Fixes getting stuck on e.g. a 404 page due to an invalid notification `url`. Pull to refresh will now reset to the main dashboard in this case.
- Fixes the friendly name of zones not showing up in Location settings.

2021.2.1: Fixes a crash which prevented Widgets from working.
2021.2.2: Fixes some cases where sensor values sent to the server would get stuck with an outdated version.

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Truongdinh.duy ,

Great job but minor bugs

Display bugs in Notification an Action settings.

Ino Miu ,

App crash in splash screen

Welcome screen crash on ipad

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