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Base support for Mi Band 4 - requires Mi Fit to be run in background. Experimental possibility to change languages to English, Russian and more!

Unlock secret features of Mi Band. Our app broadens abilities of Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Pulse / Mi Band 2 / Mi Band 3 / Mi Band 3 NFC pulsometer. Now You can measure Your heart rate with these bands continuously!

Just establish the desired training result - fat burning or muscle development - and Mi HR’ll accompany you during Your training, advising to increase or decrease the intensity. You’ll stay in a target heart rate zone and enjoy Your workout at the same time!

After the workout You can check the heart rate data in a separate graph in the MiHR app. This will help you to access the changes and draw useful for the following workouts conclusions.

We know that many sport fans track their activities and achievements with their favorite fitness trackers. Thinking about them we have added synchronization Mi Band 1s, Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 3 NFC with such fitness trackers, as Strava, Runtastic, Runkeeper and others.

In addition, Mi HR users can export their heart rate data into the Apple Health app.

Just like Mi HR users, we’re improving every day adding new useful features to the app. We pay special attention to the Premium Members’ needs. They enjoy the possibility of unlimited continuous heart rate measuring. In addition to that they can wake up fresh and cheerful during the light sleep with the MiHR smart alarm feature.

Support for app notifications.

Long-term continuous heart rate measuring can significantly decrease battery life.

An application needs Xiaomi Mi Band 1s / Mi Band 2 / Mi Band 3 / Mi Band 3 NFC to work.

This is not an official Xiaomi app and is not anyhow related to Xiaomi company.

As always, we ask You to inform us about any BUG via email support@mimhr.com prior to publication of any negative reviews. We will be happy to correct any reported BUG. Together we create a high quality product that is beneficial for Your health and easy and comfortable in usage! Just use MiHR and be fit! ;-)

Mi HR Team

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Phiên bản 1.44

Translations adjustments

Xếp hạng và Nhận xét

JackslskNfilznx ,

Change language

How to change language from Chinese to English? Is it premium feature?

ndhdbdud ,

Can not connect

I can’t connect with facetime

Phản Hồi Từ Nhà Phát Triển ,

Hello ndhdbdud, thanks for the feedback. What exactly do You want to connect with facetime? Could You please contact us at support@mimhr.com so we can clarify the problem?

chantolam ,

Miband 2

Pls update for miband 2

Phản Hồi Từ Nhà Phát Triển ,

Hi, Cucmay! Many thanks for a high score. We're glad You are satisfied with the app! Check the latest Mi HR version - we have added Mi Band 2 support. To know more about Mi Heart Rate work visit our blog: http://www.mimhr.com/2016/08/13/mi-heart-rate-be-fit-app/ If You have any further issues or ideas regarding Mi Heart Rate development, do not hesitate to drop me a line at support@mimhr.com Thanks!

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Yêu cầu phiên bản iOS 10.0 trở lên. Tương thích với iPhone, iPad và iPod touch.

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