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The My Loja Store is the sales tracking app for you that sells your products or has a small store. It has a very user friendly interface for everyone to use.

No more wasting your time on complex and unsupported systems for your business. Use our application completely without computers and internet, all control will be in the palm of your hand.

We have the following free features:

- Grid or simple inventory control
- Product Registration
- Sales Control
- Catalog of your products in PDF
- Barcode reader
- Product Type and Category Registration
- Expense Tracking
- Customer Registration
- Customer Debt Control in installments
- Proof of sale
- Receipt of Values
- Reports
- Whatsapp Support
- Product Suppliers

- Grid or simple inventory control: If you sell a product type that requires special inventory control such as clothing, you can have your inventory control by size or the attribute you want.

- Product Registration: We have complete product registration with photos. In it you can even control the purchase or production costs of your product and know exactly your profits.

- Catalog of your products in PDF: You can generate a PDF catalog of your products to send to your customers. The catalog has photos for them to see and already order for you without having to go to your store.

- Barcode reader: The app has a barcode reader that can be used by the phone's own camera.

- Product Type and Category Registration: You customize application types and categories to suit your products. This makes it easier to organize your store so you can issue inventory reports and know the types and categories that make you the most profit.

- Expense Tracking: Track the expenses of any type in your store. You can register a utility bill or even the costs of your gift packaging.

- Customer Registration: Register your customers, know the birthdays of the month to offer promotions, contact them through a phone call or whatsapp without adding them to your phonebook.

- Customer Debt Control in installments: When a sale is made in the application the system itself calculates when your customer owed it and saves to be charged in the future. If the customer requests, you can create an installment according to your need for this debit.

- Sales Control: Register your sales in the application and have full control of what was sold. You can put on sale: percentage and value discounts, shipping cost, change, payment method, installment and customer.

- Proof of sale: You can generate a PDF with your sale, can print or send to a customer through email, Whatsapp or any way you want.

- Receipt of Values: You can generate a PDF with a payment receipt, can print or send to a customer via email, Whatsapp or any way you want.

- Reports: We have several reports for sales, inventory and profit analysis.

- Whatsapp Support: Super fast Whatsapp support, where you can suggest new features and get all your questions answered.

Also available in My Loja Store Plus which includes:
• Unlimited access to all features
• Backup
• Future facilities fully available
$2.99 per month, $15.99 per 6 months or $29.99 per year

• My Store Store payment is made through your iTunes account. The renewal is made automatically within a period of 24 hours prior to the last day of service.

• Automatic renewal can be canceled at any time. Just go to the settings page in the iTunes Store after purchase.

• You can not cancel the subscription during the period that it is active.

• Subscription values may change depending on the country.

• All other features can be used for free.

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Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 2.8.95

In this new version the following implementations were made:

- Fixed small bugs.

- Performance improvement.

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