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The #My31 app allows you to join a movement where groups of people and companies can start a conversation about how personal data is used. The more people sign up and join the movement, the more likely we will be able to bring people and companies to the eventual goal of your data being respected as your property. In the app, you will join the movement by staking a claim to data you’ve produced, declaring it your personal property. Once you’ve stake that claim, you will get a title of ownership for your personal data.

With a title of ownership, you can then set preferences documenting how you wish your data should be respected by companies. These preferences allow you to state your wish: that your data is never used, is only used for research purposes, or even that you desire to be paid when your data is used.

Once you have set your preferences, Hu-manity.co will act as an agent on behalf of groups of users to notify companies who are using data, and negotiating to have your preferences respected. The more people who set their preferences, the easier and faster it is for Hu-manity.co to notify, and successfully negotiate with companies. This process will take time; we need 100,000 people to start our first notification, and begin negotiation with healthcare companies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not collect or store your data. Think of us as a title company for your data property. We ensure companies currently using your data have a transparent and reliable way to know who you are, and to respect the preferences you have set about how you would like your data to be used.

Core Features:

‣‣‣ JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Take the first action, claim the 31st Human Right: declare your data as your property.

‣‣‣ GET YOUR TITLE: Just like your existing property (e.g. car or home), you will receive a title for your data. This is the first benefits of claiming your data as property.

‣‣‣ SET YOUR PREFERENCES: Set the data preferences you desire, so Hu-manity.co can notify and negotiate on your behalf starting with healthcare companies.

‣‣‣ CREATE AND SHARE CONTENT: Record your video declaration, shout from the rooftops and speak from your heart.

‣‣‣ SHARE THE MOVEMENT: Power the #My31 Movement by sharing, referring and participating in community goals and initiatives.

‣‣‣ EARN REWARDS: Earn Hu, a reward token for actions such as completing your profile and taking part in the movement. These tokens will eventually be exchanged for gear with the #My31 movement logo on them and more.

Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 1.5.0

Hello Hu-mans! We’ve listened to your feedback and made some tweaks so that first time users have a much more seamless and intuitive experience. To go along with that, we’ve combed through the entire app and made lots of little wording tweaks to ensure the overall message of the #My31 movement is coming across clearly to everyone.

Drum roll please… We’ve added new items to the Exchange! Earn enough Hu by inviting your friends and you will be able to exchange your Hu for gift cards!

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