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■ Introduction
To win races, it is absolutely essential to set up your machine to best suit both you and the track conditions.
To facilitate this, Yamaha Motors has developed the PowerTuner app for the Yamaha YZ series and WR series (*1).
You can now quickly and easily adjust engine and suspension settings using the app to best suit every rider and any conditions.
In PowerTuner, all features are available at no additional cost!

Want to set up the machine to run faster?
⇒ Intuitive and easy settings. More detailed settings are also available. Make settings as per your choice by referring to the setup guide!

Want to check the recorded usage information such as speed, throttle opening, engine speed, fuel consumption?
⇒ You can now use your smartphone as a machine information monitor!

Want to check how much your lap time improves after customizing the machine settings in the app?
⇒ Measure your times lap-by-lap with the connected button on the machine!

(*1) Depending on the machine, some functions may not be available.

■ Description
 There are three setting types:
 (1) Fuel Injection (FI) and Ignition (IG)
  Intuitive and easy adjustment by selecting "Smooth ⇔ Aggressive". If you want more detailed settings, you can adjust each with 16 points (4 x 4) according to the engine speed / throttle opening.
 (2) Traction Control
  Adjust the level of intervention in 3 levels.
 (3) Launch Control
  Set the "Rev limit" for launches.
 The race log, failure diagnostics, machine status, vehicle speed, throttle opening, engine speed, fuel consumption, water temperature, intake air temperature, and battery voltage are displayed on the smartphone.
・Lap timer (Time)
 Measure lap times with “Multi-function Button” on the left handlebar. After, check the data recorded by the machine's CCU on your smartphone. Since lap-by-lap measurement is available, you can numerically check the settings effect and lap time discrepancies in actual races.
・Set Up
 A FAQ-style setup guide is available for engine and suspension settings. Since it is easy to check the setting instructions on your smartphone, anyone can easily setup the engine and suspension.

■ Supported environment OS: iOS11 or higher
・This app requires a smartphone.
・It is not guaranteed that the app will work with all devices.

■ Precautions:
・Use this app safely in compliance with all traffic rules and regulations.
・Only use it when the machine is parked in a safe place.
・It is not guaranteed that this app will work with all machines. CCU installation location and installation method may affect accuracy, sensitivity, and operation of the CCU.
・Some functions of this app require an internet connection through mobile data communication or wireless LAN.
・It is not guaranteed that the figures displayed on this app are accurate.

■ Inquiries
・This app can be used with some Yamaha machines. For inquiries, contact Yamaha dealer.

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Phiên bản 2.2.1

This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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