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Skybot X Warrior is an Iron hero with high tech weapon and cool skills will help to save the world!

With Skybot X Warrior you will have to fight stage by stage and in each stage you have to fight to a new boss. We invest the graphic and the weapon for boss and stage to make the game more beautiful, more challenge in adventure game.

Each Boss will be decorated a different weapon and it 's stronger on each stage.

You need to be very skill to get over all of boss and stage with many enemies.

If you love Action game or Adventure game, we are pretty sure you will love this game. Now it 's time to SAVE THE WORLD with Skybot X Warrior.


- Cool Graphic User Interface
- Easy to play game
- Great Game play, you can play without any instruction in the first play
- Unlimited challenges
- Unlimited Weapon and Character Robot

Welcome comment to our homepage: http://cradiff.com/skybot-x-warrior

Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 1.6.7

- Support Item for weapon
- Upgrade power and graphic for default weapon
- Fireball super skill
- Double power for all forms
- Support 30 bosses
- Update Ads Management and Reward Video
- Mediation intergrate
- Support 26 bosses
- Improve game speed and skills
- Improve graphic
- Make a better design for stage 7
- Optimize rating system

Xếp hạng và Nhận xét

13 đánh giá

13 đánh giá

leonyuu ,

Awesome game!

Can't wait to present it with my friend, i 've just found one classic platform game that i have ever played on Neogeo sys when still as school-boy :)) so intersting

Phản Hồi Từ Nhà Phát Triển ,

Thanks Khang

Saobangkb2001 ,


Great game

Phản Hồi Từ Nhà Phát Triển ,

Thanks bx

pham-phuc-it-bk ,

Cool robot

Very nice graphic (y)

Phản Hồi Từ Nhà Phát Triển ,

Thank chủ thớt

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phuc pham
Kích cỡ
192 MB
Danh mục
Trò chơi
Tương thích

Yêu cầu phiên bản iOS 6.0 trở lên. Tương thích với iPhone, iPad và iPod touch.

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Tiếng Anh

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Mua In-App
  1. 8000 coin pack 45.000đ
  2. 22 000 coin pack 109.000đ
  3. 96 000 coin pack 449.000đ

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