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Miêu tả

VPN Proxy - Secure VPN is a tool that enables to make the Internet freedom safe also, in a
couple of simple actions. This VPN app provides instant access to all websites
swiftly thanks to using advanced security-protection technologies.
If you are interested in what is VPN for iPhone, here is a brief summary of what this
tool is about. Phone VPN changes an IP address enabling you to choose other
locations and access confidentially all websites, including in the counties where
specific geographical restrictions to access are applied. Master Clean VPN is
considered to be the best VPN for iPhone in these terms and it is also among the
best VPN apps too.
Core features of VPN Proxy - Secure VPN for iPhone are:
● Speedy connections nearly in a speed of light – 1 sec only
● No-logging policy
● Strong protection of all locations from this iOS VPN
● Convenient and easy to navigate iPhone VPN interface
● 3-day Premium subscription plan for using this VPN on iPhone for free
What makes this tool one of the best among the security apps and the best VPN for
iOS? It enables getting instant access in one touch to any website – through an
entirely secured but fast connection at the same time. The count of sessions is
This is the best VPN iPhone for both personal and employment or business-related
purposes. Even using public Wi-Fi networks ceases to be so frightening while
applying the tool. TOP encryption technologies and banking-level security
guarantee the entire security of personal and device data transmitted during
Internet searches and also the confidentiality of all downloads.
Why is this app also a good VPN for iPhone? All data passed through this app is not
available to government agencies and third-party websites. A device also becomes
invisible to hackers and unexpected ads. VPN Proxy - Secure VPN is a suitable VPN for iPad
Info about subscription and renewals for VPN Proxy - Secure VPN iOS:
● Prices for subscription are charged on a week ($9.99), 6 months ($49.99),
and 1 year ($69.99 with 3 days available for free) basis.
● Subscription for this VPN for Phone is renewed automatically for the
convenience of users (unless the chosen subscription plan is canceled 24-
hours at minimum prior to the end date of the running subscription period).
The cost for the renewed subscription plan for this VPN iPhone will be
automatically the same as for the preceding subscription option
● Auto-renewal may be deactivated by ticking respective settings
● During the running subscription plan, its deactivation is not possible.
More info about the VPN Proxy - Secure VPN app for iPhone in its Privacy Policy and Terms
of Use:
Test the best VPN app for your device!

Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 1.0.15

- Fixed some bugs with connections and locations
- General improvements of the service performance
Thank you to stay with us. Do you need any assistance? Please, contact us via support@worbert.app

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5 đánh giá

5 đánh giá

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