Apps for cyclists

Power to the pedal! Millions of people ride a bike on their daily commute, though many will push themselves a little harder on weekends with a power ride. Instead of tucking your iPhone under the saddle or in the back of your jersey, mount it onto your handlebars and queue up these apps to help you on your ride.

All-round preparation ⛅️🗺

Come rain or shine, cyclists are susceptible to everything the weather dishes out, so a little preparation goes a long way. Catch up with today's forecast, follow your friend's GPS routes and translate foreign languages when you cycle past road signs with apps that help on all of these fronts.

    Today Weather - Forecast



    Tinyclouds Weather

    Your Forecast in a Mini World


    Ride with GPS - Bike Computer

    Health & Fitness


    Endomondo Sports Tracker

    GPS Running & Workout Tracker


    Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more

    Outdoor tracker & 3D videos


    Language Translator by Mate

    For text, voice, web, messages


For committed cyclists 🚴🏻‍♂️

No matter what your ride is, a burly mountain bike or a speedy road bicycle, your stats and personal bests are top of mind. Train with a cycling simulator and track your real-time health data with these apps. They also work with Apple Watch for maximum convenience.

    Strava: Run & Ride Training

    Activity & distance tracker


    Zones for Training

    Heart Rate Zone Training


    Zwift: Ride and Run

    Make indoor training a game


Eat and sleep well 😴💪

“Shut up, legs!” Some cyclists can't stop thinking this while tackling steep climbs. Get yourself into fighting shape with good sleep, enough food and a bit of breathing practice. Soon, you'll be able to hit the pedals like a true road warrior.

    Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes

    Healthy. Never boring.


    Sleep Cycle - Sleep Better

    Sleep, track & wake up easier


    Box Breathe

    Keep calm and breathe


Memories made in the saddle 📸

Your two-wheeled tubular steed will bring you further than you ever expected. Aren't these memories worth capturing? Snap the sights along the way with helpful location information in case you want to revisit them — even off your bike!

    NOMO - Point and Shoot

    Minimalistic Analog Camera


    FISHI - Fisheye Camera

    Retro Fisheye Photo and Video



    Custom Photo Frame