Easily remove objects from your pics

Retouching magic is in the palm of your hand. Tap to read.

Youve probably been there: you’re admiring a gorgeous photo you took, only to discover a distracting eyesore lurking in the background. Maybe it’s a few wayward power lines or breadcrumbs on an otherwise perfect #foodie shot.

The good news: with TouchRetouch, you don’t need to be a photo-editing expert to remove these stray objects. This miracle app uses smart algorithms to automatically and imperceptibly erase them.

After launching TouchRetouch and picking an image to edit, you’ll see a set of tools at the bottom of the screen. Here’s a quick tour of how they work.

Quick Repair: make objects disappear with just one finger

The Quick Repair tool is the easiest to use. We removed the electrical outlet and dog toy in the photo above.

To begin, simply tap the tool and swipe over the offending object, as though you were painting over it. While you do, a zoomed-in view will appear in the corner to help you work more precisely. But don’t worry about being exact. TouchRetouch is smart enough to fill in the details for you. If anything, err on the side of overpainting.

Once you lift your finger from the screen, TouchRetouch works its magic. As you can see in the video above, it’s as easy as that!

Object Removal: wipe away the crumbs

With complicated textures and other tricky objects, sometimes you need more precision. That’s where the Object Removal tool comes in. In the picture of a coffee on a textured mat, we used Object Removal to paint out the crumbs.

As with Quick Repair, start by painting over the object with your finger. But now you can take multiple passes, adjust brush size by tapping the Settings button, and switch to the eraser tool if you accidentally paint over a section you didn’t mean to. When you’re done, just tap Go.

Line Removal: power lines, be gone!

Pesky power lines can ruin a shot – and they’re easy to miss when you’re snapping away. Thankfully the Line Removal tool makes them easy to remove.

Tap on the tool, then draw anywhere near the power line. Don’t worry if your line isn’t perfectly straight or is a bit off; TouchRetouch automatically straightens it for you and zaps the entire power line.


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