Alto’s Odyssey

Glide through a beautifully serene world.

Alto's Odyssey

Discover the endless desert


How do you follow a game as pure and intuitive as Altos Adventure? Well, when the game’s creator Team Alto set out to make a sequel to its multi-award winning snowboarding game, it spent a month trying out new twists on the formula.

But anything too radically different from the original game just felt wrong. “We found that any new touch inputs almost immediately made the game too hectic and frenzied,” says Team Alto’s Eli Cymet. “It didn’t feel like Alto.”

And so we have Odyssey: a clever evolution of the first game’s backflipping and beautiful scenery. But as the name suggests, this excursion has far greater scope and variety than the first adventure, without losing the irresistible draw of the original.

Welcome to the big, beautiful world of Alto's Odyssey.

Swapping snow for sand, there are multiple routes to take in Odyssey, and you’re rewarded with more coins the riskier your route becomes. Keep a high line by bouncing your boarder off balloons and grinding along high lines and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. Especially if you master Alto’s wall-riding ability.

We spent a month toying with a series of new mechanics. More complex ones ended up on the cutting room floor.

– Eli Cymet, Team Alto

There are 180 different challenges to tackle and new characters to unlock, too. And if you just want to take in the scenery, Zen Mode is your jam. Here, you won’t ever see a game over screen. When Alto hits something, he gets right back up again and carries on.

Odyssey has a much wider variety of environments than its predecessor.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to preserve the things about Alto that players have come to love, that sense of serenity foremost among them,” adds Cymet.

Great sequels amplify and expand upon what made the first game compelling; Odyssey does that wonderfully. Bravo, Team Alto.

    Alto's Odyssey

    Discover the endless desert