One spy to rule them all

Learn the secrets of the five sects.

Tân Tiếu Ngạo VNG


In the martial arts world of Jianghu, heroes are never what they seem. No story quite highlights this moral complexity like Louis Cha’s wuxia classic, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, where even the most righteous of sects reveal their sinister sides in pursuit of the Bixie Swordplay Manual and the power it holds.

In the upcoming release of Tân Tiếu Ngạo VNG, you play as an agent in shadow sect who must infiltrate these sects to learn about the manual’s whereabouts.

You’ll also encounter memorable characters from the novel, such as Lin Pingzhi, Yue Buqun and Dongfang Bubai in this thrilling quest through the world of wuxia.

But before you begin, take this quick refresher on each of the five different factions and the skills you stand to acquire. It may come in handy when you and Ren Yingying bring Linghu Chong to the Shaolin Monastery and seek help from the Shaolin abbot, Fangzheng.

Mount Hua

Linghu Chong, the main protagonist from The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, is a disciple of the Mount Hua Sect, but his greatest strength – the Nine Swords of Dugu – is not among the sect’s martial arts. Linghu Chong learned this nearly unstoppable skill from hermit and Mount Hua member Feng Qingyang. Of course, Mount Hua swordplay is nothing to mess with and as the sect’s disciple you’ll become a formidable warrior.


The 18 Arhat Formation, Great Strength Vajra Finger, Thousand Hands Buddha Palm: all in Jianghu know the legendary skills of Shaolin. While learning the Yijin Jing isn’t going to be easy, it will turn you into a hardened warrior who shines in group combat.

Mount Heng

Although considered the weakest among all the major sects, Mount Heng’s elder nun Dingxian was an absolute master. Before her death, she passed on the sect’s leadership to Linghu Chong – making him Mount Heng’s only male disciple. Choosing the Mount Heng sect will teach you how to play a strong supporting role – just like the Mount Heng sect itself.


In Cha’s novel, the Wudang Sect particularly stands out. Perhaps it’s because of the story between sect founder Zhang Sanfeng and his disciple Zhang Wuji. But more importantly is the tai chi prowess of leader Taoist Chongxu. As a disciple, you’ll be proficient in long-range attacks and annihilate your enemies in a single move.

Sun Moon Holy Cult

Although called an “evil cult” of the notorious Dongfang Bubai, righteous and just warriors such as Xiang Wentian and Ren Yingying also rank among its members. Also, its most famous martial arts technique – the Star Sucking Great Skill – is a source of terror throughout Jianghu. As a disciple, you’ll learn a little about how to leech your enemy’s health during attacks and how to generate higher damage rates at low health levels.

    Tân Tiếu Ngạo VNG