Love dinosaurs? Play these games

Whatever you’re into, there’s a game for that.

In this regular series, our editors pick out a theme and recommend a handful of games perfect for fans of that exact thing.

This time it’s the turn of dinosaurs. Think T-rexes are terrific? In raptures over Raptors? We’ve got something for you.

The survival-adventure one
ARK: Survival Evolved drops you onto a dinosaur-infested island with only your wits to keep you alive. Cobble together some shelter, a weapon or two and you might just survive for long enough to be able to tame some of these prehistoric beasties.

One for those of you looking for a game that’s deep, challenging and can be played over the long-term.

Uh-oh. You’d better run unless you’ve got a decent weapon.

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Survive and tame 80+ creatures


Something for the little’uns
If your wee bairns are going through a dinosaurs phase, then we’ve got a couple of games that’ll keep them entertained.

Archaeologist: Jurassic Life will stealthily teach them something while they play. It lets your little darlings play at digging up and discovering dino bones before piecing them together, among other things. Ross from Friends would be proud.

Dinotrux, meanwhile, is a little less educational but it does have you working together with your fellow robot dinosaurs to build a bigger and better world.

In kids app Archaeologist you piece together skeletons. Educational and fun!

    Archaeologist: Dinosaurs Games

    Learning Dinosaur for Kids 2+


    Dinotrux App – Trux It Up!

    Dinosaur Game for Kids