Weird for the win

Games that play by their own rules

Competition is the essence of games. When a new level starts, you’re not thinking about breaking sprint records or sinking the most shots. Your end goal is simple - beat your opponent. But what if the game’s basic rules were thrown out the window?

Imagine a race where the slowest runner wins, or perhaps a challenge to see who could eat the least? What kind of competition is that? But changing up the rules creates new possibilities for fun. The following three games do away with conventional competition and instead score with their creativity.

In your face!

Competitive eating is all about who puts away the most in a set amount of time. That’s where a game called EAT FATTY could be misleading.

Fried shrimps, hot dogs and roast chickens rain down from above. Using a bamboo pole, you’ve got to skewer these high-calorie foods and shove them into your opponent’s mouth, all while blocking anything sent your way. Whoever gets stuffed first loses the round. The result is hilarious and hectic duelling that makes avoiding snacks a real treat.


    Happy Chinese New Year !


Fight at the opera

King of Opera starts off like the opening of a civilised, classical performance - until you’re prompted to ‘steal the spotlight!’

Wait, so I’m not here to show off my singing skills?

You’re a tenor with a big belly and a bigger ego who doesn’t take second billing. The challenge is to see who can remain in the spotlight the longest while bumping everyone else out. Gameplay is simple. The show starts with a quartet of singers spinning around the stage. When one comes your way, just tap to send them flying off the edge with your stomach. There’s only one star of the show, and that’s you!

    King of Opera

    Multiplayer Party Game!


Odd ballers

How about a volleyball-inspired game of hoops? Sounds straightforward so far, except your players are far from light on their feet. They foul left and right, clumsily bounce around the court, and shoot like stiff-limbed robots. Bouncy Basketball is not about making pump fakes on the paint. Every shot is a buzzer beater: time your taps right to block your opponent’s shots, make the steal, and get your swaying players to jump and shoot. You can go for a two-handed dunk or long-tap and release at the right time for some pretty three-pointers.

You can play against the computer or challenge a friend on a shared screen. The simplified controls, crazy rules and chaotic physics make this a fun take on a favourite sport.

Give it a shot and see how much action you can pack into a 90-second quarter.

    Bouncy Basketball