Make the most out of HomePod mini

Elevate your HomePod mini experience with these great apps.

HomePod mini fills your entire room with rich, detailed, 360-degree audio – but there’s so much more it can do. Here’s a look at the apps that unlock its full potential.

Play your favourite tunes

Listening to music on HomePod mini is always a great experience (especially if you pair two for immersive stereo sound or place multiple speakers around the house for a connected sound system). Playing your favourite songs, albums or playlists is easy with Apple Music. Just ask Siri to play something with a command like “Hey Siri, play some relaxing music.”

    Apple Music

    Over 100 million songs.


And of course you can stream audio from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to your HomePod mini using AirPlay. Try it with these great music apps:

Editors’ tip: If you’re enjoying music or a podcast or placing a call on HomePod mini and have to head out, you can continue on your iPhone without missing a beat; simply bring your iPhone close to HomePod mini to hand off the audio or call.

Stay productive

There’s even more to HomePod mini than audio. Ask Siri to set a timer, solve a maths problem, convert cooking measurements, add to a grocery list and create notes and reminders that update across your devices in the Notes and Reminders apps.


    Take note of almost anything



    Don't forget. Use Reminders.


Go local

Get your day started with a personal update (“Hey Siri, what’s my update?”) or hear a weather report (“Hey Siri, is it going to rain today?”). Or ask for details on nearby businesses, including driving directions and the latest traffic updates from Apple Maps (“Hey Siri, what’s the closest coffee shop near me?”).

    Find My







    Navigate and explore the world