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If you aren’t aware of Canva, you might have thought creating beautiful, professional looking designs was beyond your meagre skills or budget.

Fortunately, with Canva’s more than 60,000 templates and huge range of customisation options, you can master logos, posters and invitations in minutes, not months.

Sign in for the first time and you’re met with the 20 most popular design categories. In addition to all things social media, templates exist for your professional life: blueprints for presentations, infographics, business cards and CVs.

When you find a design you like, Canva provides a brief tutorial on how the tools work. A single tap on a design element – a piece of text, for example – highlights it with the option to resize, change the font, experiment with spacing or move it around the canvas.

Then double tap to bring up the keyboard and craft your own message. So, if you’re creating a party invitation, you can retain the basic template structure while adding your own personal touches.

Choose from thousands of templates and make your holiday cards stand out.

For designs using photographs, Canva provides simple editing tools and filters to make images pop. Can’t find the perfect shot in Photos?

There’s a vast library of stock imagery to choose from. Don’t worry about making a mistake; the small arrows at the top of the screen allow you to undo or redo any changes, one step at a time.

Once satisfied with your creation, tap the Share button in the upper right corner for a few different file types: a PNG for posting to social media, a PDF for printing or a JPEG for viewing onscreen.

If you’ve created a poster or anything that will exist in the physical world, you can view your design to scale in AR (augmented reality). Your iPhone or iPad camera just needs a flat surface, then with a quick tap you can see how your work will look close up or at a distance.

Customise your correspondence with personal photos from your travels.

Once you get the hang of it and realise how useful Canva can be, you may consider upgrading to Canva Pro, a monthly subscription that unlocks some nifty features and over 60 million images, icons and illustrations (look for the crown symbol).

The Magic Resize feature within Canva for Work allows you to quickly resize designs for a variety of channels. When you’re happy with your design, select which platforms you’d like sizes for from the Resize menu, tap Copy & resize and the various versions will be ready to share with your followers.

Another feature within Canva for Work that small businesses will find useful is Brand Kit, which allows you to set your brand’s colours and logos within the app to make sure you’re never off brand.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a social media influencer, or you’d just like the flexibility to create beautiful designs without exorbitant prices, Canva is sure to have something for you.

Keen to try the features for yourself? Check out Canva’s current free trial to explore Canva Pro.

    Canva: Card/Poster/Logo Maker

    Story Design & Video Editing