Mars: Mars


Did you hear? It seems there is water on Mars! It’ll take some time for the discovery to be confirmed, according to news reports. But we couldn’t resist sharing this funny and ridiculously colourful adventure to the Red Planet with you in Mars: Mars.

You’re an explorer with a jetpack, on a mission to travel around the planet by blasting from platform to platform. But things won’t be easy, believe us. You’ll need to smartly manage your limited fuel supply and if you tilt right or left a little too much you’ll explode. Land too quickly and… boom! Same story.

Land exactly on the next platform if you don’t want to explode. Who knew the environment of Mars would be so wacky?

“We wanted to reinvent a game from the golden age of the arcades – Lunar Lander – to a mobile version for young audiences,” says Federico Romero, CEO and co-founder of Uruguayan studio Pomelo Games.

As you traverse the Martian landscape, there’ll be new explorers for you to choose from. Arnold (a parody of Total Recall’s hero) will turn the whole planet an intense red, while Marcel – who evokes a French mime artist – will transform the backdrop Parisian.

Things get a bit weirder if you select Nosferatu. Instead of using a jetpack to fly around, you’ll have to flap your wings to get to the next platform – something which requires you to be extremely accurate with your taps. Or become Ovni, who abducts cows from Mars – yes, cows.

In this fun space adventure one thing is key for a successful mission: precision. Some players have reached over 1,000 jumps without crashing; others have written to Pomelo’s studio to ask whether the game has an ending.

Few know the answer. But... do you remember our reference to water on the planet earlier? Take it as a hint.

    Mars: Mars