Why Archero is all hit and no miss

Find out why we’re so into this game.


Hit and Run, Win Win Win!


It takes a lot for a game to surprise us. But every now and then, something like Archero comes along and really shakes up the App Store. 

Here’s why we can’t stop playing this sharpshooting action game.

Greater than the sum of its parts

Archero is a clever combination of several genres. First, the top-down viewpoint and need to dodge attacks while firing off your own makes it feel like an old-school shoot ‘em up. Its randomly generated arenas borrow a little from ‘roguelike’ dungeon crawler games, and the constant weapon and character upgrades are a nod to a slew of role-playing games.

This means the gameplay is always evolving, and in ways that will surprise you as you delve ever deeper. 

Equip your archer for the near-constant bombardment from foes.

This is a tough game, but remember: every time you play, you strengthen your equipment and upgrade your abilities. Your skills will evolve too – with each enemy onslaught, you’ll recognise attack patterns and stage layouts. 

Each failure means upgrades, so grit your teeth and enter the fray again.

While the stumbling blocks might seem constant, the more you play, the stronger your character gets. Stuck on a particularly tough section? Keep plugging away and you’ll eventually have the upgrades and skills to overcome any obstacle.

Take a breather

Your archer can’t shoot while moving and takes aim only while stationary – this is where stealth sprints and strategy are key. 

Sometimes avoiding enemies can be the best form of attack.

So surviving with a series of death-defying dodges allows you to regroup and focus on firing back. Pivot around a corner to avoid a pesky monster melee, or keep your enemies close with a Fire Circle that envelops you with a foe-scorching halo of flames. 

And that boss? Predict its attack trajectory and await with arrows drawn. 

Because every new challenge is different, you can’t ease up, even when you think you’re on a winning streak. Archero nudges you to form your own style of play, so when you do win big, it’s an even sweeter accomplishment.


    Hit and Run, Win Win Win!