Watch the movie, play the game

From Star Wars™ to The Avengers, your favourite fictional worlds await.

The silver screen is great, but the fun doesn’t have to stop when the credits roll. It’s then that your iPhone screen takes over – and not just by letting you watch even more movies. Instead, these great games all let you get to grips with your favourite film’s storylines and characters.

Choose your own Avenger

In a fight, which Avenger would you rather be? Before you answer and hurt Thor’s feelings, wait: in Marvel: Contest of Champions you don’t just have to settle for one member of the baddest group of superheroes going. Instead, to triumph in this fighting game you’ve got to build the perfect team before going head-to-head with some iconic baddies.

You’re not limited to the Avengers roster, either. From Wolverine to Deadpool, Star-Lord to Magneto, all of Marvel’s most iconic characters feature as fighters. And with you at the controls and this lot in your clan, Thanos won’t know what’s hit him.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Super Hero Fighting Game


You’re a wizard, Harry… Alice, or whatever your name is

You can stop waiting for an owl to bring your Hogwarts acceptance letter; consider this your digital invite. In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery you’re a new student at the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry, with seven years of schooling ahead.

You’ll learn spells, uncover mysteries, master potions and crucially, decide your own fate. That’s because in this role-playing game every decision you make has an effect on how your personal story unfolds. You even have a say in which house the Sorting Hat puts you in. Please not Slytherin. Please not Slytherin!

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

    Choose Your Story in a New RPG


Become a real-world Ghostbuster

Forget stories of things that go bump in the night, in Ghostbusters World phantoms are a reality, and these ghosts aren’t just found within the game.

Thanks to augmented reality (AR), ghouls are popping up in the real world and you’ve got to use your iPhone – which handily doubles as your very own Proton Pack – to capture them.

There are hundreds of different ghosts to collect and the game’s map will show you where the spectres are. You don’t just act as a solitary ghostbuster, either. When it’s time to face boss battles, such as against the iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, you’ll need to round-up your friends and work as a team.

    Ghostbusters World

    Bust and Collect Ghosts in AR


Grab your dungarees and run

Left! Right! Jump! Roll! Panic! In this fast-paced endless runner things start off frantic and only get more energetic. In Minion Rush you play as one of cinema’s favourite little yellow helpers – a Minion – with your begoggled character found sprinting through the underbelly of Gru’s Lair.

As you might expect from the workshop of one of the world’s most dastardly super villains, there are plenty of traps littering your path. From jumping over bombs to ducking under electric barriers, you’ve got to weave your way through countless levels.

And this wouldn’t be a true Minions caper without a bit of quirkiness thrown in – there are dozens of outfits and power-ups to be unlocked. It’s truly bananas!

    Minion Rush

    Despicable Me Official Game


Sometimes you have to let the Wookie win

In a galaxy far, far away there’s a lot of light versus dark stuff going down. Fortunately you can lend a hand from right here on earth.

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes you’ve got to pull together a clan of the best batters in the galaxy – from Yoda to Han, Luke to Leia. And this is the Star Wars free-for-all you’ve been dreaming of.

With timelines out, you can bring your favourite characters from all eras together at once. There are more than 120 characters to collect – each with upgradeable skills and gear. There’s more to it than firing your blaster and wielding your Lightsaber in aggressive fashion, too. In order to master these turn-based battles you’ll have to balance your group and plan your tactics. And be aware, the in-game Stormtroopers are far more accurate shots than their movie-based counterparts.

    Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

    Build Your Battle Strategy!