BlockyTime, A simple time logger no need to tap Start/Stop.

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Everybody has his own demand on tracking time, but most people can't persist on it for long time because the traditional time-tracking App is way too professional, and it costs too much energy to use a stopwatch.

BlockyTime is very different from traditional time-tracking App, it never needs to tap "Start/Stop". Months of research of users experience made us to work out a better tracking method which is more suitable for people's thinking. No worries to forget to start or stop stopwatch, just take a few seconds in leisure time, like playing game, select, tap, a whole day is tracked.

When tracking time no longer has pressure but becomes relaxing, it solves the persistence problem easily. Even people don't has huge perseverance can be good at time management.

• Super easy and rapid method to track time spending on every event
• Custom classification of event
Not only by event type (eg. work, rest), but also by specific details (eg. Game, music), also by priorities (such as four quadrants)
• Unique link of event and object, analyze event from different angle
• Comment, record details of event like writing a diary
• Statistics, analyze time occupation by pie or bar chart
• Trend, check and compare events time spending in line chart by day or month
• Goal, such as reach 10000h in 5 years on drawing
• Backup data to iCloud or computer, never lose it
• Selected color themes, and colorblind mode is added

[Suitable for]
• Students
Track time spending on subjects, analyze it and make a better study plan
• Researchers
Track time spending on research, analyze and make a more efficient research plan
• Managers
Who have many projects to do and needs to know time spending on every project
• People with part-time jobs
Track time on every work and analyze earnings
• Salespeople
Record time and frequency of contacting clients
• New moms and dads
Get to know baby's regular life and make a plan to rest
• People haven't know the value of time
Keep tracking time for a while, the statistics will shock you
• People want to analyze time and make him better
• People want to know what costs time
• People are not satisfied with current situation, want to learn how to manage time and improve himself

[Q & A]
Q: Why named "BlockyTime"?
A: Though time is continuous, for rapid tracking, we separate time into blocks by half an hour at the expense of accuracy. This period not only meets the need of statistics, but also is convenient for people to remember event.

Q: Why make 30 minutes a block? This is not accurate.
A: Statistics is meaningful only when people persist for a long time. Look at statistics in week or month, 30 minutes a blocks hardly make negative effects on analysis. Compared to spending more energy to make it accurate, track time quicker, take advantage of saved time on other things makes it better.

Q: I have OCD, inaccuracy makes me uncomfortable.
A: Just stand back and think about it, if you pursue the accuracy, after every time of record, should you add an event called "Tracking time"? Then it takes some time to track this one, so you have to record again, and then, endless loop…

Never spend much time on tracking time, this is truly using time effectively.

[Users' comments]
“The most time-saving tool ever”
“It makes me not to spend time on recording, reveals the essence of tracking. I must rate this truly efficient app”
“One of my favourite time management/tracking apps!”
“Very easy to use and intuitive”
“Easiest time tracking tool I ever used”
“Milestone app of time tracking” --

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What’s New

Version 1.7.5

+ Adjust to dark mode when launching
+ Add a switch of slide right to widen timeline
+ Add a switch of impact vibration
+ Add a switch of shake undo
+ Support edit name of stamper
* Fix the bug of dark mode occasionally not same as the system
^ Optimize the styles of input box

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
94 Ratings

94 Ratings

suicideclassic ,


If you've seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada, I'm the girl who only eats a cube of cheese, never sleeps, and is somehow always, always, always in the office at any given time of the day. You come into the lab at 10AM? I'm here. You need me to check the cell cultures for you at 3AM? I'm already here. It's raining Sunday night and you got a flat tire, rang me up, pleading me to move the bacterias removed from the incubators to the fridge?? Done. I'm not here by choice. I'm here because there's so much to do all the time, and there's not enough time, ever! I can't ever keep track of what I'm doing either, or whats been done, and what I'm supposed to follow up on. It's incredibly frustrating because I know work has been done, - a lot of work! But I'm just so busy to log it in real time so it all ends up in the abyss. I'm in 6th circle of hell, slowly entering the 7th. So bless this app, because it actually freaking works. Things are actually getting logged for once! And not only things, but the amount of time spent on them. Gosh I'm seeing visual data telling me I need to get the heck outta here and drink some orange juice.

But yeah. This app? Life changing.

To the developer: what do you think aboooout customizable palettes? Or adding one more nest to the items list? Just some ideas. The app is amazing already though, can't thank you enough.

cassletang ,

The only one that works for me

I was hesitated at first because I don't really like the pixelated look, but they actually have an option to change the pixel UI to sleek UI.

I tried so many time-tracking app. But this is the only one that works for me. As a form of gratitude, I try to mention some of the main features that I like. Hopefully, it would help people who still considering to get this app.
1. Super fast! It's very easy to track time, thus keep me motivated.
2. Lots of stats and trends. I love numbers and charts! It's useful to see how much time I spent for something. This app boosts my productivity a lot.
3. Can be used as planner. This isn't only for time-tracking, but I can set future time blocks and assign them into something. The app would remind me when I should start doing what I planned. And there's a small circle to differentiate which one has actually happened and which one was planned. So you can overwrite the planned ones as you track what actually happened.
4. Colorful! Customizable colors, categories, objects, and bunch of advanced settings. Beautiful UI, awesome functionality.
5. Easy to export and backup.

To developer: I actually tried your other app to track where I put stuff. And it also works very well. I'm looking forward for your next apps!! Thank you very much for improving my life.

NoahtheArc ,

Nothing else like it!

I have been looking so long for an app that allows me to keep track of my day-to-day activities, but also lets me go back and input if I forget to. I never noticed how fast 15 minutes can go by until this app.
My system is to track every activity of my life, not just the productive ones! I track my ‘idle’ time, my sleep, housework, and so much more! It leaves me a colorful screen to view at a glance!
The best feature is definitely the goal-setting! I have been meaning to finally relearn Spanish after losing it, and this has kept me accountable!
I could go on about this app, but it’s as good as what you make of it! I recommend this to anyone willing to see how they truly spend their day!


Ni An
28.7 MB

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

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