Sound insulation of doors with Athmer automatic door seals
With the sound measuring app from Athmer, you can test the intensity with which your sources of sound (general home noise, traffic noise, music) pass through closed doors at home.

A standard interior door within living quarters has a floor gap (the opening between the door and the floor) of approx. 7mm. In this case, the entire door has a sound insulation of approx. 23dB. With a 10mm gap, the insulation is only 18dB.

With an automatic floor seal from Athmer, you can minimise these disturbances, creating a more comfortable, healthy atmosphere for living.

Many people are not aware of the effects that sound has on humans and above all, on human health.
With continuous sound (longer than 0.2 sec) of 60 dB during sleep, stress activity already begins to take place in the body. At 80 dB, long-term physical damage can occur. For calm, restful sleep, background sounds may not surpass 40 dB.

The following examples to show how many decibels are generated by everyday sounds:

Jet plane 130 dB
Aeroplane in close proximity 120 dB
Traffic noise (distance of building to street/vehicle approx. 7m) 70 dB
Normal conversation 50 dB
Typical sounds home 45 dB

The pain threshold of human hearing is 130 dB.
Noise exposure of 150 decibels causes irreversible damage in seconds.

Note: The results of the noise measurement by the app cannot be compared to the results of professional measurement. The measurement is only an approximate reference value. An exact measurement is not possible due to the microphone’s lack of precision and the volatility of background sounds.

Explanation of terms:

Mechanical vibrations and waves in an elastic medium, e.g. air or structure-borne sound in the audible range of human beings. Sound lasting longer than 0.2 seconds is classed as continuous sound. Sound waves are produced during speaking or music-making, among other things, or by the noise emitted by machines, for example.

Any type of sound, especially of great intensity, which disturbs, annoys, or even damages human health.

Decibel (dB)
This describes the intensity of sound. The decibel is a logarithmic unit: this means that in order to obtain an increase of 10dB, the sound source must be increased tenfold. The human ear would perceive this as about “twice as loud.”

Performing the measurements:

First measurement: stand approx. 1m in front of the door and hold your device steady. Press „start“ and wait for 15 seconds until the measurement is done.

Second measurement/ comparative measurement: cover the floor gap temporary (with a towel, a blanket, tape, etc.) to notice the positive effect if the floor gap is closed.
Start the measurement again.


Athmer oHG
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Requires iOS 10.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


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