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FitNotes is the last fitness tracking app you will ever download.

FitNotes helps you track your weightlifting workouts as well as your cardio exercises in a simple, friendly, easy-to-use app

FitNotes gives you the ability to create dynamic workouts that span multiple days, with the ability to auto increment between each workout. Furthermore, FitNotes allows CrossFit lovers to create complex sets of exercises for their WOD.

If you are new to working out or an expert bodybuilder FitNotes is the app that will help you stay organized with your workouts and keep track of your results, making it easier for you to reach your fitness goals


Versão 2.6.4

v2.6.4 Release:
New: After 15min of inactivity, during a live workout, a push notification will be send to remind you.
New: You can now export and import your entire exercise catalog. Export via the Settings tab inside the app.

Fixed: Screen always on settings would sometimes get reset.
Fixed: Notes section would sometimes be hidden while the keyboard was active.
Fixed: Exercise definition search bar was not up to par, it has been replaced and improved.

v2.6.3 Release:
Fixed: Converting workouts to workout definitions from the Logs menu might not reset the state correctly.

v2.6.2 Release:
Fixed: CSV import was failing for some users.
NOTE: Going forward, each column needs to be surrounded with quotes (") in order to be parsed correctly. All future exports of any .CSV data will contain this around each column.
Fixed: A few things around Notes
- Increased text size inside of notes.
- Cursor inside note section will now readjust from a single tap.
- In workout summary view, If an exercise has a valid note, the note icon will be colored. This should help distinguish and make it easier to find items that have notes attached to them.

Fixed: Selecting certain fields might make them unreachable by hiding them behind the keyboard.

v2.6.1 Release:
Fixed: Creating a workout definition could lead to a crash.

v2.6.0 Release:
New: Upgraded the min iOS support level to iOS11. This brought a set of new UI items:
- Search bar on the Exercise definition view has been upgraded
- All buttons hidden behind rows have been updated to be native.

New: You can now sort and order workout definitions. Simply tap the "Edit" button, move your workouts around, click "Done" when finished.

New: Added a stopwatch and timer to the PRO keyboard. If your exercise is Time focused, you can click on that field and click either the stopwatch (to count up) or the timer (to count down). While the timer is running, hitting the time display will auto populate the field with that value.

New: Added "Replace Exercise" button to the active workout view, It now sits next to "Add Exercise".

New: Added default increments for all focus types.

New: Post work emails now come from a different email address, please check your spam folder if you feel you are not getting them.

Fixed: Keyboard layout for iPhone X type phones.

Fixed: Auto increment shouldn't increment failed exercises

Fixed: Various UI issues and improvements

Thank you all again for the feedback and feature suggestions, please keep them coming!

If you like the app, we would really appreciate if you took a moment and reviewed it.

As always, all feedback is appreciated, including features you would like to see and bugs you would like squashed. You can reach us at (From the app: Settings tab -> Feedback)

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2 avaliações


Evgeny Uralsky
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Saúde e fitness

Requer o iOS 11.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.

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