Ready for a Change?

Apps motivate us to form good habits, keep our lives organized and, ultimately, save us a lot of precious time. Whether you want to reinvent yourself or make subtle changes for the better, count on these apps to guide you along the way.

Sleep Well, Wake up Happy

The app: Sleep Cycle
How it works: This app wakes you on your lightest sleep phase when your body is naturally ready, which means no more shock-to-the-system wake-up calls. You can also learn more about the way your body behaves as you catch some shut-eye with a nightly sleep analysis.

    Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock

    Sleep tracker to better health


Get Fit

The app: 30 Day Fitness
How it works: Choose a workout type, find your ideal difficulty level, and stick to the plan for 30 days. The easy-to-follow bodyweight routines will help you get fit, without having to leave home.

    30 Day Fitness

    Workout challenge & exercises


Declutter Your Life

The app: letgo
How it works: Most of us could find plenty of things around the house that we have no use for anymore. With letgo, you can create product listings with just a few taps and receive offers from potential buyers near you.

    letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff

    Local deals, cars, real estate


Minimize Commute Time

The app: Waze
How it works: No one likes wasting valuable minutes stuck in traffic. Waze saves you time, and frustration, by finding the best route and sharing real-time traffic updates.

    Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

    Avoid traffic, police, hazards


Keep Your Passwords in One Place

The app: LastPass
How it works: You’ve forgotten your password. Again. The solution? Create safe passwords and store your credentials securely all in one place with LastPass.

    LastPass Password Manager

    Store & Autofill Passwords


Grow Healthy Habits

The app: Streaks
How it works: Quit smoking, start meditating, maintain a healthy diet... Good intentions only get you so far. With daily tasks and reminders, Streaks is our go-to guide for forming consistent good habits and breaking bad ones.


    The habit-forming to-do list


Sharpen Your Mind

The app: Hexologic
How it works: Flex your brain muscles with this beautifully designed puzzler inspired by Sudoku. It will challenge your math skills and put your mind at ease at the same time.


    Beautiful relaxing puzzle


Get Your Life in Order

The app: To-Do List & Calendar
How it works: Organize your tasks and create to-do lists that you (and others) will actually stick to! With simple and straightforward features, is one of our favourite apps to help us accomplish more.

    Calendar & Reminders -

    To do list, Planner, Checklist