Developed by an olympic weightlifter, Barbell Loader is for anyone who would rather focus on lifting, not math.

Barbell Loader and Calculator is for:
and everyone else who lifts weights.

This app is perfect for saving time at Weightlifting and Powerlifting competitions!


-Load: Click on the plate buttons to load the bar yourself.
-Calculate: Type in a weight, and Barbell Loader will load the bar with either official IWF/IPF-colored kilogram plates or standard pound plates.
-Convert: Every weight is automatically converted between pounds and kilograms.

-Every weight has percentages calculated automatically that you can then load onto the bar.

-Enter 2 out of 3 fields and the Calculator will resolve the third.
-For example, if you enter your Total Weight Lifted and Sinclair Score, the Calculator will tell you the Bodyweight needed.

-Enter just the weight lifted and the repetitions and the Calculator will resolve everything from you 1 Rep Max to 10 Rep Max.

-Click a button, and Barbell Loader will log the current weight and time into a notepad that you can edit further.

-Customize your plate inventory.
-On/off switch for competition 2.5 kg collars.
-Set your bar weight.
-Create your own custom plates.
-Optimize the weight on the bar.
-Remove plates one at a time as necessary.
-And more!


Version 4.0

Thanks for supporting a fellow Weightlifter/independent app developer and emailing me your suggestions!
What's new in this update:
-Clicking "Reset" now returns you back to your designated Bar Weight, instead of 20 kg / 45 lb
-Sinclair/Wilks values are now accurate to the nearest tenth
-Colored pound plates
-iOS 13 support, including Dark Mode
-Fixes for UI bugs, UI improvements

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2 Bewertungen

BlackGun11 ,

Sinclair Calculation Is Not Accurate

The App calculated a wrong total based on sinclair and bodyweight.
81.7 KG Bodyweight and 194 Total is not a 235 Sinclair but 234.81. In a competition this is extremely misleading. The App should display the actual value and not a rounded number.
Please fix this mistake!!


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